About us

The Flip’n Axe is unlike anything in our industry. We put the customer experience & safety first and foremost.


We put the customer experience & safety first and foremost. Our staff is consistently pushing the boundaries with new ideas and innovative teaching techniques that has given our customers the ultimate “Axe-perience”. As Veterans we are proud of our great Nation and we want to preserve the “American Dream”. We take care of our own, FIRST! Giving employment opportunities to our fellow veterans. Supporting local business and our community is a critical part of our Core Values.

FlipN Axe Dave Green Jacksonville

Meet the OWNER

From humble beginnings in hard-working lower middle-class America to opening The Flip’n Axe – a Veteran Owned Indoor Axe Throwing facility – David J Green has spent his life dedicated to serving his community and country. While serving in the United States Marine Corps, David was deployed to OIF & OEF. After separating from active service, like many war-time veterans he had a difficult time transitioning back into civilian life.

David found working a normal job unfilling. After being exposed to the sport of Indoor Axe Throwing, he knew this axe-citing new concept deserved a home in Eastern North Carolina. In April of 2018, The Flip’n Axe was born. A wild new concept in a rather conservative southern town seemed like a monsterous gamble. However, it quickly paid off. The Flip’n Axe became the talk of the town on every local newspaper to include the local news & radio stations.

Community driven

After months of hard work and thousands of dollars invested perfecting the system, The Flip'N Axe was ready to be shared with the Veteran community.

In The Flip'N Axe, David found something as equally rewarding as serving his country: serving his community. We hope you view The Flip'N Axe as a common place where you, family, and friends can come together, celebrate, and share in the fun.

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